Saturday, June 2, 2012

Berry Hotel Bali Photos and Review

After a disastrous first night with Berry Hotel Bali. On the second day in Bali, we finally checked in. They actually picked us up from Gosyen Hotel Bali and started our very busy day in Bali. So how's my stay in Berry Hotel? It was actually not bad. The room was very spacious and I like the veranda over-looking the pool. There were a lot of variation of food during breakfast, which is so awesome! There is also a nearby (walking distance) Oleh-Oleh mall, which you can buy souvenir items. The only down side of this hotel is the distance from the main road. Quite hard to get a taxi unless you go to the main road.

Berry Hotel Bali Photo 1

Berry Hotel Bali Photo 2

Berry Hotel Bali Photo 3

Berry Hotel Bali Photo 4

Berry Hotel Bali Photo 5

Berry Hotel Bali Photo 6

Berry Hotel Bali Photo 7


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